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When we founded Parsec back in 1977, we knew from the beginning it was destined to be a very special company. Our vision of providing highly efficient, wide-ranging services to a highly specialized industry, didn’t happen overnight, though…It took the gradual accumulation of the finest equipment, the construction of a top-notch repair facility, and the building of a staff of many of the very finest craftsmen in the industry to realize our goal. To date, we have serviced quantities in excess of 350,000 cell changes, 80,000 refurbishings, 10,000 dial imprintings…And it all started in the basement of our home 36 years ago…

Our people and our facility that has more than once caused visiting watch company and retail executives to exclaim, “This place is simply amazing. You should be very proud.” We are…very.

Against major odds, Parsec succeeded and grew to become the largest independent watch repair facility in the U.S., servicing nearly all major brands, providing warranty services on over 25 major brands, as well as high volume services unavailable from any other source. With over 350+ years of bench experience on staff, 52 employees, a dedicated customer service department, and unparalleled in-house service capability, it is clear: There is simply no other service facility like Parsec Enterprises.