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History Timeline

We began over 30 years ago in 1977. Now Parsec has grown into one of the largest independent repair centers in North America. We have serviced millions in our company’s history and continue today. Feel free to browse our history, from the early years in Indiana to ending up in a custom-built facility in central Illinois.

  1. Only the Beginning. - 1977

    Marc and Diedre Young start a company to service the new hot consumer product, the digital electronic watch. The company is named Digital Service and Distribution. Pickup service is arranged around the metropolitan Indianapolis area and includes about 20 jewelry stores and watchmakers. Joins AWCI. (Then known as AWI).

  2. Parsec is born.- 1978

    DS&D’s name is changed to Parsec Enterprises.

  3. State of Indiana. - 1980

    The State of Indiana, in full regulation mode, decides it is necessary to license anyone who makes a business of electronic watch service, despite the fact that few, if anyone, in the State actually knows enough about the product and process to actually put together a test (aside from Parsec Founder Marc Young).

  4. Passing the Test. - 1981

    Marc passes the State test for electronic watchmakers at the first offering. It’s not clear that the test is ever offered again.

  5. Repair facility for E. Gluck. - 1981

    Parsec becomes the first outside repair facility for E. Gluck (Armitron/Anne Klein).

  6. Go Forth & Prosper. - 1982

    Parsec receives the go-ahead to approach all Zales stores to provide quartz watch service. Volume increases to close to 100 watches per week.

    Marc travels to Houston to meet with the Gordon’s Jewelry executive in charge of watch service. Gordon’s decides to start with the 3 service facilities of which Parsec is one. In six months, Parsec is awarded the service contract for all of the Gordon’s jewelry chain. Volume grows to over the next 2 years to nearly 400 watches per week.

  7. The Move. - 1983

    Parsec moves to Peoria, Illinois. Though unknown at time, Peoria is the home of Bradley University which at the turn of the century was a watch repair school. The horology school closed in the late 1950’s.

    Marc opens a long-distance telephone office for TMC and operates it for nearly 3 years. Diedre Young takes over daily operations of Parsec and grows the company from 3 to 8 employees to meet the growing demand.

    Parsec takes up shop in the 4 large rooms in the basement of the Young’s residence in Peoria’s historical district.

    Parsec contracts with Service Merchandise to provide customer and stock repairs.

  8. Advancement in Technology. - 1985

    Parsec begins to computerize. After considerable research the decision is made to go with Apple. Primary reason is that it is much easier to get new people productive more quickly with Apple computers. Parsec has, to this day, remained Apple based.

  9. System Integration & Database Development. - 1986

    Diedre begins to learn a new cross-platform data base development language 4D, partially to overcome the lack of canned useable, scalable database offerings for Apple computers. She then begins the process of growing the computer network that still is the backbone for the entire Parsec operation. Diedre is a completely self-taught database developer.

    Marc leaves the telephone company when it is sold, and returns to assist Diedre in daily operations of the Parsec. First order of business, grow the repair volume.

    Through aggressive networking, personal meetings, phone calling, letters, and established contacts Parsec lands contracts to provide volume services to several major retailers, entailing refurbishing, volume cell changes, and other product services. Parsec volume is between 400 and 500 weekly customer jobs but now begins to receive volume projects including 80,000 refurbishing jobs from a world famous watch brand, 10,000 movement repairs a large manufacturer, and other smaller projects.

    Parsec moves out of the Young’s home basement and into a leased space on Main Street in Peoria.

  10. Denver Dial. - 1987

    Parsec purchases Denver Dial to provide mainly in-house dial refinishing and printing capabilities. Marc proceeds to develop the Denver Dial operation at Parsec by utilizing semi-automatic pad printing presses, computerized image manipulation and enhancement, and in-house die cutting. Large scale outside projects follow, including 10’s of thousands of watches for Universities, Industries and individual jewelers.

    Parsec becomes first outside repair facility for Casio.

  11. Negotiating. - 1990

    Parsec negotiates contract with one of the nations largest jewelry retailers to provide service for all 600 stores. Volume for individual service increases nearly 400 watches per week in as little as 2 weeks. This was difficult.

  12. Land Purchase. - 1992

    Parsec purchases land in the main Peoria Industrial development area for eventual construction of its own facility dedicated to the service of the watches.

  13. Breaking Ground. - 1994

    Parsec breaks ground on a 8400 square ft. facility specifically designed to emulate the work flow of the Parsec service system. The building is fully networked for computer use by all staff and technicians/watchmakers using the 4D database system designed in-house by Diedre Young. Integrating receiving, shipping, technical information, customer service and accounting the building and the system are in harmony. Parsec contracts with Nike to provide exclusive service for all Nike Timing projects in North America. Nike volume alone is between 400 and 600 watches and part orders per week.

  14. 360,000. - 1995

    Parsec receives 360,000 watches from a large Texas distributor to provide cell changes, tag changes, and labeling. All watches are received in boxes they have to be put back into. The project is completed in approximately 6 months. At the peak of the project, Parsec techs were replacing nearly 40,000 cells per week. All regular repair operations continued as normal.

  15. Expanding Facility. - 2004

    Parsec expands the facility to 14,000 sq. ft. Staff reaches 52.

  16. Negotiations. - 2011

    Parsec begins negotiations on contract to provide watch services to one of the nation’s largest jewelry store chains.

  17. Awarded Service. - 2012

    Parsec is awarded the majority of service for the large chain.

  18. Opening in Ohio. - 2013

    Parsec opens a satellite office in Ohio. Total employment reaches 63. Total volume for individual and store service reaches an average of over 1100 watches per week. Volume project service regularly exceeds 2,000 pcs. per week in bulk.

  19. New Horizons. - 2015

    Signs contracts with two well established watch companies and 2 internationally based watch companies to provide watch services in North America, including on-going volume cell change services for several companies for a total of 2500 cell changes every 2 weeks.