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Battery Change

Anybody can change a watch battery? Don’t believe it. Proper cell replacement involves more than simply popping out a cell and putting one in the movement.

Bulk Battery Change

In our nearly 40 years of service our technicians have changed literally millions of watch batteries. Do not trust your watch or watches to unskilled battery change operations.

Laser Welding

Welds so precise, our techs can hold two BB’s together in their fingertips and weld them together without burning their fingers! Rarely do watch repair facilities have skilled jewelers on staff.


Parsec’s staff has over 365 years of watch repair bench experience including watchmakers skilled and certified in a wide range of mechanical movement servicing.

Dial Printing

Manual and semi-automatic presses, in-house die creation, and art prep and experienced watch techs to remove and replace assembled units with precision hand setting. The dial is the face of your watch. Treat with care.

Band Replacement

Parsec has changed bands on 100’s of thousands of watches for individuals and manufacturer/importers. Trust your treasure to the experts.

Jewerly Repair

Jewelry Repair and Watch repair are not the same. We know the difference. And, we do both. Parsec has professionally trained and experienced jewelers on staff.

Warranty Repairs

Watch warranties vary widely. Be sure to review your watch warranty closely when you purchase your watch. Call our customer service department if you have any questions.


Whether you want one watch cleaned and polished or you need thousands of shop worn stock watches or returns transformed to “as new” condition, our team can provide the help you need.

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